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Dating Sites For Over 40


Re-entering the dating world at the age of 40-plus years is an endeavor both exciting and frightening. At this stage of life, people's reasons for not yet having a soulmate vary. You may be in the recovery period from a divorce that messed with your feelings and caused you a lot of pain. Or you've been unlucky in your pursuit of love and simply haven't met the one yet. Or you decided to build a career and achieve financial stability before looking for a life partner. One way or another, there's nothing wrong with being single in your 40s – it's never too late to start searching for a true soulmate. This article will describe in what ways dating over 40 is different and peculiar, what the best dating sites for over 40 are, how to overcome your insecurities and embrace your baggage, and how to approach online dating sites and apps. 


Distinctive Features Of Dating In Your 40s


  1. Singles over 40 are experienced and make smart choices. It's normal to feel unsure of your dating success when re-entering the scene at a mature age. But you have lots of life experience behind your back, which entails sound judgment and worldly wisdom. You'll know to make smart choices of romantic partners.


  1. Many partners attach less value to sex and more to commitment. When dating at 40-plus, people tend to be geared less towards hookups and more towards building up connections and encouraging them to grow into stable relationships. Sex will always remain one of the cornerstones of a romantic partnership between two mature adults, but they may no longer prioritize it over everything else.


  1. Both parties will inevitably get distracted by their responsibilities. In comparison with college-aged daters, men and mail order bride over 40 years of age cannot give a romantic partner their attention undivided. As a rule, they can boast of high career achievements and all-around established lives, which demands a constant investment of time and effort. 


  1. In most cases, your soulmate will have an ex-spouse. It's a rare thing to encounter a person over 40 who's never had a committed romantic relationship. There may be a variety of reasons for their former wife or husband to remain present in their life. Depending on the ex-spouse's character, you may have to live through a fair share of dramatic and awkward encounters.


The Top List Of Over-40 Dating Sites In 2020


  • Match.com


This portal boasts of too many advantages to count. Having been in the market for almost 25 years, Match.com is loved and trusted by very many over-40 daters. Despite having evolved visually and functionally, this online dating destination is as faithful as ever to its initial beliefs: an online acquaintance is an excellent start for a successful real-life relationship.


The premium membership at Match.com comes at a price, but this investment is more than feasible. Upon registration, you'll have to complete an extensive questionnaire so that the portal's matchmaking algorithms can excel at finding a suitable partner for you. But you don't have to rely solely on the selections of matching profiles that you will receive regularly. You're free to manually browse and search the site's user base and message any over-40 singles you fancy.


  • SilverSingles


This portal is the right destination for anyone looking to meet singles well over 40. The primary focus of SilverSingles falls upon the 60-plus audience. Respectable age is not an obstacle on your way to romance and happiness. This dating site is dedicated to encouraging elegant senior ladies and gentlemen to re-enter the dating scene with confidence and courage.


SilverSingles is a sister website of another reputed dating portal, EliteSingles. Except it's dedicated to a somewhat older crowd. The success of matchmaking is ensured by the compatibility tests that are unique to these websites. You'll have to complete a questionnaire designed to determine whether you crave experiencing new things, if your good conscience is strong, where you stand on the scale of extraversion and introversion, how sensitive you are, and if you're ready to negotiate and compromise. 


  • EliteSingles


This international dating website is the best friend of single people in their 40s. The portal takes a comprehensive approach to ensuring the success of its matchmaking methods. Every new user of its services is asked to work their way through a lengthy personality test. Composed of 10 chapters, this test covers every part of your life that may affect a potential partner's interest. SilverSingles and EliteSingles are related, which is why the latter employs the same advanced compatibility system to optimize its matchmaking between over-40 singles.


Another distinction of EliteSingles is its sound and seamless approach to providing the most fulfilling experience for every single over-40 man and woman. Upon registration, you will daily receive a selection of profiles of suitable matches that were picked out by the site on the basis of your personality test. Such a matchmaking mechanism is particularly appreciated by 40-plus singles who feel overwhelmed by the variety of options on an online dating portal. 


  • eHarmony


Amid the vast variety of dating sites for over 40, eHarmony stands out due to its spotless reputation and a strong, long-lasting presence in the online dating industry. Its experience in producing successful matches and forging unfaltering relationships is measured in decades. On this dating site, the first step towards finding a soulmate is completing a thorough questionnaire that asks very specific questions about you and your vision of an ideal partner. The matchmaking mechanism will be further optimized based on your activity on the platform.


The eHarmony portal has gained the reputation of a dating portal focused on facilitating romantic connections that lead to meaningful, committed relationships and marriage. If you're looking for a kink buddy, a passion-filled fling or a hot hookup, this over-40 dating site should not be your first choice. 


  • OurTime


The primary focus of this fascinating dating website is the crowd of single people aged over 40 and over 50. The matchmaking system of OurTime has succeeded at forging many a committed romantic relationship between singles of an elegant age. The site's matchmaking accomplishments have helped it gain enviable popularity and respect on the part of US relationship experts.


OurTime designed every feature of its website with simplicity and usability in mind. The quality of the over-40 crowd you'll meet on this dating portal deserves universal praise – when describing their experience, OurTime members depict the average user as a down-to-earth, kind, and easy-going person. As any respectable dating site for over-40 singles, OurTime employs a dedicated search system, allowing you to apply many filters to find the person that meets all of your preferences. Not too many members of the site are younger than 40, which makes OurTime an excellent place for finding singles interested in a committed relationship.


  • OkCupid


Since the 2012 boom in its popularity, OKC has remained a favored online destination for over-40 ladies and gentlemen looking for romantic relationships. The application's interface is as simplistic as possible – instead of spending a few hours exploring its features, you can plunge into the dating pool right away. OkCupid has gained the reputation of a dating portal for people interested in serious relationships with a high level of commitment. If you're looking for hookups and flings with hot over-40 singles, this might not be the best site for you.


Many reviewers of OKC highlight the exceptional quality of its audience. The vast majority of over-40 daters on this website boast not only of an attractive appearance and a toned figure. They're also interesting, witty, well-read and educated. Another advantage of OKC that can't be disputed is the fact you don't have to pay to join its ranks. Free dating sites for over 40 are rare, so OkCupid is an excellent first stop on your online journey to romance.


  • Love Again


This primary focus of this online dating portal is mature single people aged over 40 years. LoveAgain dresses the most advanced matchmaking algorithms into a simplistic and intuitive interface that never baffles its users. If you dislike talking online and prefer to get to know your match in person as soon as possible. This portal is a great starting point for connecting with new people.


Over-40 singles are a diverse audience with different communication preferences. That's why LoveAgain offers a broad variety of connectivity tools: from instant messages and private chats to interest-based group chats and forums. Whatever your preferred way of establishing contact is, you'll find this site extremely convenient and thought-out. Other dating portals for over-40 people may have a more modern approach focused on effective matchmaking. But the tempting advantage of LoveAgain is the opportunity to meet your potential partner in a casual online environment devoid of any stress and hustle.


  • PlentyOfFish


This portal has been around for many years, having built up a lot of experience and a solid reputation in the world of over-40 dating. As of today, it can boast of a truly immense member base. If the official statistical reports are to be trusted, Tinder is the only dating site with a larger number of users.


PlentyOfFish may not be among the most discussed online dating destinations. But it is a perfect choice for all 40-plus singles eager for a whirl of romance. In fact, you may have more success here than on other apps, as the mature crowd is unlikely to follow the latest trends, remaining faithful to this tried-and-tested matchmaking site. PlentyOfFish deserves your attention as a widely known portal with an excellent reputation and a quality audience of over-40 singles.


  • MillionaireMatch


If you belong to the crowd of single 40-plus people with a successful and established life, this site will give you the best online dating experience. Here you'll find lots of attractive singles that can boast of both appealing personalities and impressive career or financial achievements. This over-40 dating site is advertised as a matchmaking system for millionaires, but truth to be told, it is a slight exaggeration. You can create a profile even if you don't have the status of a millionaire, which is why the number of active members of this portal is close to 2 million. 


That being said, MillionaireMatch users are not shy in their expectations regarding a potential over-40 partner's financial status. If your fiscal fitness is indeed measured in millions, you can message the site's administration and go through their verification procedure. They will add a “Certified Millionaire” badge to your profile. Given that the portal caters to the well-off audience, the cost of membership is higher than the market's average: for a 6-month subscription, you'll pay $210. However, the quality of the site's dating pool is well worth this investment.


  • SeniorMatch.com


This dating portal has a telling name: the focus of its matchmaking activities covers the audience of single adults of mature age – not only over 40 but over 50 as well. If you're within the said age bracket, SeniorMatch is an excellent starting point in your search for romance. Worth noting, the site is dedicated to facilitating both committed romantic relationships and platonic friendships and non-romantic companionships.


SeniorMatch is the answer when you crave love and passion, when you need an interesting person with whom you could share your travels or a non-romantic partner for sports and other leisurely activities. A distinctive feature of this over-40 dating portal is its uncluttered design and simplistic user interface. Even if you wouldn't call yourself tech-savvy, you'll have no trouble navigating its pages and finding love and friendship with its help.

40-Plus Dating: When Forty Is The New Eighteen


When you're active on all the best dating apps for over 40 but haven't had much success in finding a perfect match, it's difficult to fight off the dwelling mood and negative thoughts. You might start looking in the mirror critically, thinking what it is that prevents you from finding your soulmate at the age of 40-plus years. Is it the few slight wrinkles? Is it the couple of extra pounds? Would you have more luck if you were a handful of years younger?


Banish these thoughts from your mind! Your years are your treasure – ten or twenty years back, you weren't yet the beautiful, experienced, mature, unique person that's looking back at you in the mirror. If the professional opinions of relationship psychologists are anything to be taken into account, people who meet their love on over 40 dating sites are likely to form more intense and sustainable romantic couples than young adults.


The age of 40 years signifies a new page – even a new chapter – in the person's life. You've realized where you stand and what your values are. Younger people would envy your confidence. Your attitude is unfaltering and your personality is solid and well-defined. You no longer have to face and deal with emotional and financial instabilities. When you've stepped over the threshold of 40 years, your life experience allows you to have a clear idea of what kind of partner you need. You're ready to be open, honest and straightforward on the over 40 dating sites, which gives you the best chances of finding the one in no time.


Maintain An Active Lifestyle To Succeed In Over 40 Dating


If you ask any relationship psychologist how to achieve success in the scene of 40+ dating, they will give you one simple piece of advice: improve yourself until you're as close to the image of your perfect partner as possible. Maintain a proactive attitude to life and never let your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness die down. Keep exploring new hobbies and interests and researching new subjects. With the variety and vastness of your experiences, you'll never find yourself short on engaging conversation topics to discuss with your over-40 date.


Do your best to stay motivated and seize every opportunity to try out something new. If you can boast of an active, boisterous lifestyle, you'll never have to sit through minutes of awkwardness on the first date, when both parties have no idea what to say. Try to be knowledgable on a variety of topics, from music to politics. If that doesn't work for some reason, you can always pull your date into an exciting discussion of the places you've visited or want to visit, new bookshops and restaurants in your city, favorite cuisines and exotic dishes... An active life gives you an inexhaustible source of topics to discuss. Shape yourself into the person with whom you'd want to go on a date. The over-40 dating world will notice your efforts, as energetic and enthusiastic people possess an irresistible appeal.


Embrace Your Past – It Makes You Perfect


When stepping into the territory of dating sites for over 40, you need to be prepared to deal with the fact that your perfect partner is very likely to have some old emotional scars and baggage that he or she cannot leave behind. The advice of experts on mature relationships is, if you can't change the situation, change how you view it. Forget the term “emotional baggage”. Both you and your future partner have had your fair share of life struggles. But these hardships have imparted you with experience and wisdom, which are invaluable. Your past successes and failures have made you the wonderful person you see in the mirror. 


At the age of 40-plus, you are a mature adult; you must know how to prevent your past negative experiences from causing repeated mistakes in your present. For example, if you're browsing the profiles of single men over 40 on a dating site and one of them reminds you of your ex-husband, it's a terrible idea to start a relationship with him for this reason. The familiarity is comforting, although deceiving. Moreover, if the man indeed turns out to be a copy of your former spouse, do you really believe the second attempt at a relationship will be more successful than the first one? An essential secret of successful dating after 40 is to have analyzed your history and do your best at avoiding the same mistake. It's advisable to engage in soul-searching or visit a therapist before a fresh relationship, making every effort to help your emotional scars and trauma heal. 


Online Dating Over 40: Expert Tips On Creating A Profile


When advising on over 40 dating in the online world, relationship psychologists single out truthfulness as the crucial component of the person's success. When you fill out the text fields of your newly-created profile on a dating site or app, try to be as honest as possible. Avoid modifying important information about you in hopes of attracting more potential partners. Online dating experts strongly advise against copy-and-pasting anything from another dater's profile. However, it's always a good idea to browse the over 40 dating site of your choice before working on your account – find presentable profiles and analyze them. Lastly, as tempting as it may be, avoid including trite quotes in your bio – they are not only off-putting due to the lack of originality and freshness, but also do a very poor job at telling your potential partner anything about your character. You are a unique, authentic person, and your profile on the over 40 dating site should reflect that.


Outright deception is a no-go for anyone set on finding love after 40. No one is perfect and you may feel a shred of insecurity about your height, weight or any other physical parameter. But self-consciousness is not a valid reason to modify this information, for dishonesty never leads to a positive outcome. It's fair to pick photos that present you in a favorable light, but make sure they depict you realistically. If you visit dating sites for over 40, you're most likely looking for a partner who will give you love and appreciation for who you are rather than who you're trying to be. Remain true to yourself while filling out your profile – and you'll promptly find a suitable match.


Concluding Words On 40-Plus Dating


When you're 40 or older, putting yourself on the dating market after a long period of single life may seem like an intimidating prospect. When you have your first look at the popular 40-plus dating apps and sites, their assortment will likely make your head dizzy. When you make your first attempt at online dating, you may doubt your chances of finding a perfect partner by merely scrolling through the profiles of singles over 40. Don't let your mood go sour though! 


The variety of dating apps and sites means there are portals that cater to every kind of 40-plus audience. If you wouldn't call yourself a skilled user of modern tech, you can pick a site with a simple navigation scheme and intuitive interface features. If you see marriage as your final goal, you can resort to an online dating destination focused on facilitating committed relationships. Whatever you want to see in your partner, the advanced matchmaking algorithms can sort through thousands of profiles and find your potential soulmate that checks all the boxes. Our reviews of the best and most popular online places to meet singles over 40 will help you select the right one and start your journey towards love and happiness!


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